Are you wanting to lose weight? New Years resolution?

Jan 1st, 2017

Are you wanting to lose weight? New Years resolution?


Pete Gawtry Senior Personal Trainer arrives at Kirkstall Road

Are you wanting to lose weight? New Years resolution?

Pete Gawtry is a weight loss expert. Formally based at the Xercise4less Leeds North (Seacroft) gym where he quickly became the busiest Personal Trainer, rising quickly within the ranks at Xercise4less.

As well as being an in-demand and highly acclaimed PT, Pete is a champion ‘ALL’ natural bodybuilder and is currently the NPA Masters 40+ Yorkshire Champion.

Although Pete walks the walk with fat loss, he is also an expert in toning and body composition.

If you want a FREE consultation with 50% discount on your first session, please email him or text/call 07415 248645  we will get you started straight away.


Here is just one of the client testimonials from his website

Lucy Franco
Nurse @ Jimmys, Leeds


My name is Lucy Franco and I started training with Pete in May 2016. Prior to this I had really struggled with my weight, I’d tried to lose weight before by attending weight watchers but my weight continued to fluctuate. When I met Pete I was at my heaviest, my clothes felt tight and trousers always left a “red mark of shame” where my waist was. I ended up wearing linen trousers with elasticated waists as nothing else fitted. I was embarrassed, ashamed and believed I was a lost cause. Pete instantly put me at ease, he made me feel I confident that I could lose weight , his confidence, positivity and knowledge ( about exercise, nutrition and the science behind it all) are amazing. He is so helpful and pushes me to limits I never thought I could achieve, I never thought I could lose any weight..I have lost 19lbs!! I can now wear trousers with zips, buttons and my tops fit better. Pete had belief in me and now I believe it too. The best thing I have ever done was to start training with Pete, I can’t recommend him enough. He can and does make a difference.



Pete Gawtry Fitness – 2016 NPA Yorkshire Champion

Senior Personal Trainer at Xercise4Less – Kirkstall Road, Leeds / / phone : 07415 248645