Oct 14th, 2016


First and foremost, fat oxidation (fat burning) does become elevated during periods of energy/carbohydrate restriction. This is pretty clear in the literature and is a result of decreased carbohydrate oxidation.

Therefore, it does make sense that if you were to practice the above, then fat loss would be greater.

But, not so fast…

It would be short sighted to look at how much fat is used/lost during a given time period, i.e. an hour to hour basis. It’s generally noted that periods of high fat oxidation are followed by period of high carbohydrate oxidation in a compensatory manor. Therefore it’s a case of looking at net loss and net gain over time.


if you’re solely focused on burning fat at specific time points throughout the day, then you’ll be bitterly disappointing as it is very unlikely that it will yield greater results.


These methods for losing body fat can work in combination with a calorie restricted diet. So, it comes back down to your 24 hour energy balance!


These methods focusing on improved rates of fat loss do work, but not through the means that you think they do. If they make the process of following a calorie restricted diet (thus inducing fat loss) more enjoyable and sustainable for you then carry on doing so.

For example, if you had three groups who followed the same nutrient intake within a calorie restricted diet with the aim of losing body fat;

– Group A didn’t eat carbohydrates for breakfast, but ate them all at night.

– Group B had all their carbohydrates for breakfast, and didn’t have any at night.

– Group C had a mixture of carbohydrate and fat throughout the day.

Who would lose the most body fat?

If calories and macronutrient intake are held constant, then rates of fat loss would be superior to for ALL methods, but more so for the method that had the best adherence!

Stop majoring in the minors, focus on the biggest component of fat loss that will yield the greatest results.

Calorie restriction. Everything else is useless background noise if this isn’t in place first

Chris Lowe