Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Protein (Quest) Bars

Aug 24th, 2016

Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Protein (Quest) Bars

** WARNING ** These bars are incredibly moorish

Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Protein (Quest) Bars

When in Keto Im always craving something a bit sweeter than your average good food.

Protein + Fiber .. These are actually incredibly good for you!!

These bars hit the spot. Vitafiber is known for also slightly raising insulin levels, so to make sure it does not throw me out of Ketosis whilst in comp prep mode, I eat one just before resistance training and one straight after.

I promise these are nicer than any chocolate bars.. honest..

For these ingredients I don’t weigh anything. I use the 50 gram scoop that you get with myprotein (or The Protein worx or Bulk Powders)

The scoop is here

The pictures here are for twice the amount I have listed here (doubled it up for a huge batch)


Vitafiber – 10 Scoops

Protein powder (I used Bulk Powders Beef Protein – Chocolate Peanut as I am lactose Intolerant – but you can use an flavoured protein you want – Whey or Beef Protein works best)

Hydrobeef (Chocolate Peanut) – 5 Scoops

Erythritol (Erythrit) (Finely ground) – 2.5 Scoops

Stevia Crystals – 1 TBSP



Prepare a non stick bowl or grease proof paper to add mixture on or into.

In a large mixing bowl add the protein powder, erythritol and stevia and mix.

Place the vitafiber powder in a large pan (I use a wok) add small amounts of water until it becomes a sticky thick paste. Boil until it starts to bubble. Then add to dry mix. Keep stirring until fully blended.

Place in non stick bowl and freeze for about 30 mins (or less). Until it has stopped sticking to non stick bowl or grease proof paper. you can now cut and mould into bars.  Eat one now, or put away. Be warned. You may eat them all.


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