Client Testimonials

Mathew Jerome

Myofascial release therapist, Leeds

Ive been training with Pete on and off for around 2 years now. I have always been pretty fit and active, but struggled to put any bulk on, no matter how much i trained or ate. Since training on a regular basis with Pete, and following his diet plan, i am getting some fantastic gains – in the last 2 months i have put on an extra 8lbs of muscle!! If you are serious about gaining lean muscle, or trimming down to lose some fat, Pete is your man. His knowledge about diet and training is amazing, but be prepared to be pushed harder than you have ever been pushed before. ?


Lucy Blunden

Gymnastics Teacher, Leeds

‘I started training with Pete back in February after gradually gaining weight over the past couple of years. I was somewhat in denial about how much weight I had gained until I saw some holiday photos, and they were the kick up the bum that I needed! I was a little skeptical and had never worked with a personal trainer before, but Pete quickly put me at ease and made my goals clear to me. He makes me work hard in the gym, and is always motivating me to push myself. Not only does he train me in the gym, but I also have a meal plan to follow. I have lost the weight I had previously gained, but the best result from Pete’s work with me, is the confidence I have gained. I still train with Pete and recommend him to anyone ‘


Sarah Lambert

Finance advisor, Leeds

I started my journey with Pete back in February. After losing my dad 7 months earlier I had gained weight rapidly I used every excuse going. I had tried every diet going and I wasn’t losing the weight and lost motivation almost straight away. The thought of going to the gym by myself scared the living day lights out of me! Something finally clicked and I had to pull my finger out and knew the only way would be to look into getting a personal trainer. Everyone was telling me it’s a waste of money, You don’t need a PT you’ll find the motivation to go to the gym. It had nearly been a year since I’d last been to the gym! I came across Pete at a previous gym chain and he was on the ball! Arranged a meeting almost straight away. Had me weighed, pictures taken and all signed up before I knew it! He never judges and always pushes you to do more, excuses aren’t his vocabulary! It’s not been am easy journey but I am now almost 7 months into this journey and 2 stone down. My confidence is slowly coming back, I don’t think twice about going to the gym on my own now after all the experience I’ve gained from Pete. Before I would have used being tired as an excuse not to go to the gym but now I am currently training with a broken foot! And Pete has given me the confidence to do that. There’s never been a dull moment with Pete, he’s as mad as a box of frogs but it’s that that makes the sessions fly by! Thanks little Pete you’ve been a legend!


Sarah Limon

Nurse, Leeds

I started training with Pete in Feb 2016 once a month after needing help with motivation at the gym. Due to chronic illness I’ve struggled with weight gain for 5 years, now after following Pete’s workouts I’m the healthiest and weigh the most I ever have due to muscle gain! Pete is an amazing PT, great laugh and excellent professionalism. He’s gave me the massive push I needed to be more confident with my own body. Highly recommend training with him


Chris Grant

Chef, Leeds

Just want to say a quick thanks to Pete Gawtry Personal Trainer! I didn’t want to become a body builder, far from it haha, but wanted to look a bit more toned in order to fill my wedding suit next month, so found Pete online. From the first contact with Pete, he was very willing to work with me and help me achieve what I wanted. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really like going to the gym, but Pete’s PT sessions are always fun, and a good laugh (as well as hard work and a few choice words when he pushes me to my limits). Training with Pete like training with a mate and it’s great! He is always giving me extra advice and always on hand if I message him for any reason at all. Since training with Pete, I have both lost weight and toned up, and would not hesitate to recommend Pete at all! Cheers Pete, see you soon!


Ananth Kidambi

Cardiologist, Leeds

I’ve been training with Pete for the last 4 months and the experience has been amazing! The workouts are tough but Pete always keeps it fresh. His infectious enthusiasm and detailed knowledge of fitness make every session interesting and entertaining. And then the results! Pete really took the time to learn about me, what I wanted and how best to get me there. His tailored diet plans are great- tasty, convenient and quick to prepare. He guarantees that if you follow his diet and exercise plan, then results will follow- and I can absolutely vouch for that. It’s not an easy process but very rewarding. There are no fads or gimmicks with Pete, just good advice on what ‘clean eating’ REALLY means (and lots of exercise!). Having been to gyms for over 15 years, I can honestly say that I’m fitter and look better than ever. Thanks Pete, it’s been a fantastic journey and I can’t wait for our next session.


Jamie Millar

Computer Security Expert

After working abroad for a while and stacking up the weight I knew enough was enough and made the decision to get myself a PT. One of the staff at X4L recommended Pete to me; “Pete really knows his stuff, he’s one of the best” I was told. Slightly dubious it was just a big sales pitch to sign me up I decided to get in touch with Pete to arrange an initial meeting to see what he had to say.

Straight from the start I knew Pete was going to get big results. His knowledge was unquestionable, everything I asked he knew the answer or gave me some pointers. I decided to go for the 3x a week option, despite feeling a bit concerned I was going to end up throwing my money away and hating it after the first few sessions. How wrong was I!?

I’ve never been a huge fan of the gym, throwing myself onto a treadmill or bike blindly trying to achieve something was the norm, moving from gym to gym thinking I was going to get myself better results. Pete came up with a diet plan, tailored to my tastes and preferences, even before our first session the weight started to shift. As the weeks went on I realised for the first time ever I WANTED to go to the gym, I was actually enjoying going, it was definitely not a chore.

Three months later and I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time (ever?). Healthy, energetic, getting through days without struggling to keep my eyes open. Three stone lighter and now in a routine with my workouts. Unfortunately, I moved away from Leeds so wasn’t able to continue beyond our initial 12-week plan however I now have the confidence to go to the gym knowing what I’m doing and how to continue achieving the results. I’d recommend everyone to take Pete up as their PT. Even just for 1 session, after that you’ll know you want to book into more of a commitment with him. To top it off and to echo what everyone else says, he’s a great guy. In between sets you’ll get a laugh out of him and throughout your workout but still manages to push you to your limits, and then some.

Thanks for everything Pete.


Sally McGuire

Manager, Leeds

Having reached my heaviest weight ever, feeling totally fed up and losing self confidence by the day, I had to do something. Pete was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so so glad I called him. He’s so easy to talk to and completely understands how feeling crap about yourself impacts your life. More importantly Pete is brilliant at helping me set goals, focusing my mind and having fun in the gym. After my first 12 weeks, following Pete’s diet plan and regular training (3/4 times a week) I’m 22lb lighter! I feel brilliant, much healthier and determined to keep improving – I’ve signed up for another 12 weeks. I recommend Pete completely as a personal trainer.


Steve Bray

Unilever, Leeds

I’m Steve,
First got to know pete when I went to see him about loosing weight , he asked my goal (what I wanted) told him to loose my belly “simple it’s possible” was his answer . He did me a diet plan and just said “all I want is you to eat what’s on and the weight will drop off & to turn up and train”
First time with him was getting to know him and the equipment, started off 3x 15 reps on different machines, then after 2 sessions it was serious but fun training – legs ( 1 week ) shoulders (following week) pete knows how to get that one last rep out of you, true to pete’s word the weight dropped off I was 12 st 10lb. (started). I am now 11st 5lb and I have started to put muscle on. All down to pete
If you want to loose weight and gain muscle , gym virgin or already go but don’t know what is best to do I recommend seeing pete he’s one if not the best trainer around


Lucy Franco

Nurse, Leeds


My name is Lucy Franco and I started training with Pete in May 2016. Prior to this I had really struggled with my weight, I’d tried to lose weight before by attending  weight watchers but my weight continued to fluctuate. When I met Pete I was at my heaviest, my clothes felt tight and trousers always left a “red mark of shame” where my waist was. I ended up wearing linen trousers with elasticated waists as nothing else fitted. I was embarrassed, ashamed and believed I was a lost cause. Pete instantly put me at ease, he made me feel I confident that I could lose weight , his confidence, positivity and knowledge ( about exercise, nutrition and the science behind it all) are amazing. He is so helpful and pushes me to limits I never thought I could achieve, I never thought I could lose any weight..I have lost 19lbs!! I can now wear trousers with zips, buttons and my tops fit better. Pete had belief in me and now I believe it too. The best thing I have ever done was to start training with Pete, I can’t recommend him enough. He can and does make a difference.


Beki Hall

Team Manager, Leeds

I have trained with Pete for a while now and I couldn’t recommend him enough! He makes it fun and always mixes it up so it never gets dull. I have various health problems and Pete has helped me with these both with exercise and diet he really knows his stuff! Thank u Pete



Jeremy Reynolds

Elite Car Salesman, Leeds

Jeremy Reynolds : what can I say about Pete Gawtry. Worker, grafter, all round good egg.
None of these lol. When you are in the gym grafting and you think you are done, forget it you’re not because Pete is there to push you that little bit further you will hear these words, what you stopped for you can rest when you get home. Then you Finnish on one piece of equipment and he’s off again dancing to the next piece.
If you need a man to push you and spur you on to lose that weight or tone you up Pete is definitely your man. Pete thanks for the help and hoping I’ll be back real soon because I’m missing it. (Lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks)


Gemma Taylor


My name is Gemma and I was trained by Pete Gawtry. He is absolutely amazing being extremely over weight and battling illness I have always struggled to find someone who would be willing to train me. I made the first step and contacting pete and soon began my exercise and diet journey. I started losing weight immediately and the food plan he did was was effective and filling. I always looked forward to my training days and new each time I would be pushed to my full capability. I have continued to follow what I have learnt from pete each week. I would recommend Pete to everyone he is not only a brilliant trainer but friend. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and you are always guaranteed to have an amazing work out.


Belinda Howley

Mum and all round nice lady, Leeds


My name is Belinda Howley I had never spent any time in a gym really before training with Pete. He immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence to use equipment I had always been afraid of before. His approach to me was always professional but friendly too his knowledge and abilities are second to none. He shows a genuine interest in you and does all he can to help you achieve your goals. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend.



Chloe Philips

Office Leader, Wetherby


I have been training with Pete Gawtry for 9 months now and haven’t looked back since starting. I have to say its one of the best decisions i ever made. He always makes sure its a fun and a different workout. I often go to my session extremely stressed but always leave with a smile on my face. Pete isn’t just a trainer but is also a friend, he will make sure you leave each session happy. When i have a bad week he doesn’t tell me off he helps me get on track. He doesn’t just train you but is always on hand if you need to ask questions away from your session. I wouldn’t have lost the weight that i have without Pete. Id never lifted a weight until i started training with him and now i cant imagine not doing weight training. Every session he will push you harder and harder making sure you hit your limits. Its fair to say i am a big fan of pete and his training and would recommend him to anyone.


Amy Sutherland

North Yorkshire


My name is Amy Sutherland and I started working with Pete in March 2016. I was in a bit of a bad place emotionally, career wise and in particular my relationship with food. I was one of those people (one of many!) who didnt like the way I looked so tried to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time, resulting in eventual (and inevitable!) failure in the form of over eating and going right back to the way I was. I knew in my head that this “all or nothing” way of thinking in my relationship with food was contributing to my unhappiness; and so I decided to seek outside help in an attempt to gain a better relationship (and understanding) of food and nutrition.

I am very lucky to have met such a positive and knowledgeable person when it comes to food. He got me back on track whenever I was in a tricky spot, and more importantly allowed me to be as honest as possible about my personal issues and eating habits- something i have never come across before.
Pete helped me realise that all of my irregular habits of the past were normal- and that I too was normal- something I have always had trouble believing!

Having come to terms with this, I have been able to trust myself more around food and body issues. I have lost nearly 2 stone in the past 4-5 months through hard work and dedication to Pete’s diet and workout plans, and could not be happier with my current weight. I am now confident that I can maintain this weight with the help of Pete Gawtry the NPA over 40s masters champion 2016!


Stu Swan

Mechanic & Natural Bodybuilder, Selby


I have trained with Pete for a long time now been through various diets and training programmes all of which have been essential to my goals! Pete has a fantastic attention to detail and his knowledge and experience has helped me through competition prep. I assure all of his clients have goals and dreams, Pete Gawtry is playing a massive part in helping me achieve my goals and dreams!


Katie Wileman

Hairdresser, Selby


I have been training with Pete Gawtry for nearly a year now, and I must say I wouldn’t be where I am today with out his drive, commitment and motivation. He is a superb personal trainer. The advice he has given me this past year on dieting and nutrition has been very helpful towards my weight loss. And I wouldn’t question him on what he tells me because I know it’s right.

I have been committed to his diet plans, and seeing him 3-4 times a month. I have seen progression, and I love it. Before I started training with Pete I had no idea how to do weight training in the gym but now I’m in the gym 4-5 times a week thanks to Pete’s workouts he’s done for me. I’ve found a love for the gym that I thought I’d never have but once you see results and change in yourself you just want it more!

If I had to describe how my progression makes me feel it would be ‘amazing’. I feel more confident in myself, more confident in wearing clothes that I would never have worn before my weight loss and it just gives me that feel good factor about myself. It also makes me want it even more, I’ve got so much drive and motivation to see more results.
Every personal training session I have with Pete he pushes me to my limits, and it’s the best feeling ever. Couldn’t ask for anything more from my PT


Emma Coates

Natural Bodybuilder, Dewsbury


I have been working out with Pete for nearly 2 years now… And omg what a brilliant personal trainer he so is…

I was nearly a 16-18 and I was stuck in a rut so to speak… Ha ha..

Now I am nearly 11 stone, healthy and the best shape I ever was thinking I would be…Pete has shown me the healthy way of food, and also what to do when in the gym… So his online app id say has really helped me loads.. Coz I didn’t have a clue what to do like what so ever, so having the online app as well, was like having Pete train with me every night.

The support, Pete gives is 2nd to none, and he’s with you thick and thin… So if your having a bad day he is there with so motivating words, and it’s good .. Then you don’t feel on your own…

He is brilliant, the workouts are brilliant, he gets the best out of ya … I want a six pack and look and feel good.. I am half way there, and I am only on my way because Pete put me on the right track..

So now I make healthy food choices, and go to the gym every night and love the new healthy me.. And it’s all thank you to the one and only Pete Gawtry.


Rich O’Driscoll

Carpenter, Selby


Well what can I say! Pete Gawtry the man the legend! I’d heard lots about his expertise and professionalism but I only had to look at the mans own physique to realise he new exactly what he was doing and more! I’ve been training with Pete for 6 months and when I say train I mean train! My gains are improving by the day and my body fat is where I never thought it would be possible but the training is only half of it. This mans nutritional knowledge knows no boundaries and he’s always at the end of the phone to answer any questions that I’ve had about diet plans. The mans a champ in my eyes and I couldn’t be more pleased to call this man my personal trainer! For someone to be able to give that confidence in my own ability and physique back to me after never thinking it was ever possible! I can’t thank him enough


Rob Hanlon



Been training with Pete for about 5 months and started seeing instant results, pushes you to limit to get the job done, plenty of doms from the workouts which leaves you wanting more , cracking meal plans, not like some of the boring meal plans out there, helps you to the best he can to get you to the shape you want to be, he’s helped me loads and will defo be training with him for some time to come.


Laura Hawe



I have lost over two stone since been workin out with Pete. My life has changed so much from wearing baggy clothes to feeling fantastic in what I wear and enjoy every second off it. I have struggled for years with my diet but with Pete’s diet plan and help and support I am finally getting to where I want to be, when having a bad day and struggled with my diet almost took the fridge door off, your motivation kept me going knowing that all the hard work you put in with myself I have never wanted to let Pete down, he is one in a million and has changed my life forever [in helping me and pushing me to achieve my goals]. I highly recommend him, he’s brill 🙂


Sam Broadbent

Musician, Leeds


I started with pete almost 10 months ago, and been impressed with him so far. He knows how far to push you, definitely gets a sweat out of you in training and with the diet he provides you certainly see the positive changes within. I definitely feel better since working out under petes instructions. The diet plans are easy to follow and abide by. He’s reliable, professional, knowledgeable, approachable and a fantastic personal trainer, I highly recomend him 🙂


Leeane O’Driscoll

Mother & Driver, Selby


So I came to train with Pete about 5 months ago after he started to train my husband, I saw instant results so thought I would give him a try, as I wanted to loose the last of my baby weight. I was so nervous as I suffer panic attacks he made me feel instantly at ease and what can I say I lost the remaining weight in the first week. He designed me a nutrition plan that worked with my everyday lifestyle and I saw instant results. I continued to train with him as I also wanted to tone up. He’s a great man, it does not matter what time or day it is, he’s only a text away for support and questions answered. I feel fitter more confident and I have so much more energy. I also know so much more about nutrition. I’ve been able to use that towards feeding my children so we have all benefited from it, a big thank you and keep up the good work Pete..

Sue Baloo

Heavy Metal Headbanger, Leeds


I met Pete about 18 months ago after my friend recommended him as I had been trying to recover from a carb training diet plan that didn’t work for me. Pete put a plan together which was great but my weight loss began to stall again. So after a few more tweaks, Pete has produced a diet/training plan that works perfectly for me. I’m not hungry and I have so much more energy. Pete has fantastic nutrition expertise and he fits the plan around you, what you like, what you don’t. I train with Pete once a month. His training is always hard but fun and he pushes you a lot. He really motivates me, chasing me to check when I’ve not done something and checking to make sure everything is ok. Pete is committed, driven and always gets the best out of his clients.

I’d recommend Pete to anyone wanting to train hard (you will be sore and hurt) or to anyone starting weight training ?

Kim Helstrip

Hairdresser, Selby


Pete Gawtry… well what can I say 🙂 personal training to the max! Always get pushed to the limit, you know you have done a good work out as the next day the pain kicks in… (serious doms) what do ya say no pain no gain! Haha He can also help with your diet very knowledgeable on all of that with delicious meals as well so you don’t feel deprived. Makes the plan to suit you lifestyle and always see great results! Definitely recommend if your serious about putting the work in. He will definitely with out a doubt get you to where you want to be! 🙂 happy training guys.


Gareth Leighton

Welder, Selby


I’ve been working out with Pete for around 6 months. What a guy! I’d never been to the gym before, so when I first started I had no clue on what to do. I kind of felt lost haha. Pete was very helpful and really made me feel okay about been there. Any questions I had about anything to do with the equipment or the training he was giving me he just answered or showed me. He doesn’t judge you and is really patient with you. He really knows what he’s doing! When your there training he knows your limits, and when to stop but still pushes you to do more. You always have a laugh with him too, which makes it more fun. Great personal trainer and I would recommend to any one! Don’t be scared of joining up or anything you won’t regret it!