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FAQ last updated: 25/04/2015


PayPal is the preferred method of payment. You dont need a Paypal account to pay using Paypal. You can buy your sessions using all major credit cards and debit cards, you can even pay with your bank account. Payments are taken using the booking form or via the prices page.

You can also book a session with Pete and pay directly in cash on the day.

For online training, meal plans and workout plans. Please use the paypal links provided.

Meal Plans and Workout Plans

Meal plans and Workout plans are made to order.

You can order the online meal plans here. You can order the workout plan here. Once you have ordered your plan, you will be sent a questionnaire that needs to be filled in as truthfully as possible.

It will ask what foods you don’t like (for meal plan). If you are not currently training with Pete, then you will also be asked to give details of your age, height and how active you are. This is to work out your metabolic rate. Wether you plan on losing weight or gaining weight, these bespoke plans will work perfectly for you.

One that has been submitted back, you will receive the plan back within 1-3 working days. This is because they are totally tailored for you and a lot of time needs to be spent putting it together.

Meal and Workout plans are FREE with buying bulk sessions  – View here

One 2 One Personal Training Enquiries

Depends, If you are doing a work out with Pete in person, then no, as Pete (with you) has access to his own Gym (The Bodyzone in Selby or RXA gym in Leeds). For on-line workout program from Pete, a gym membership or extensive gym equipment access is definitely recommended. However this is only if your goal involves building muscle. If your goal at this stage is just weight loss then a personalised meal plan will suffice and a gym membership is not needed. Exceptions can also be made to individual who have access to limited equipment e.g. a home gym setup. But we advise these individuals on a case by case basis. For more information send me a mail.

It is very quick and easy to book your personal training sessions. Simply use the booking form, you can see what times are available and immediately book and pay and secure that time. If you would like to book multiple sessions please use the prices & deals page where you can buy in bulk and save money (and save up to £270), or you can be old school and call Pete 07415 248645.