How do I order your meal or workout plans?

Meal plans and Workout plans are made to order.

You can order the online meal plans here. You can order the workout plan here. Once you have ordered your plan, you will be sent a questionnaire that needs to be filled in as truthfully as possible.

It will ask what foods you don’t like (for meal plan). If you are not currently training with Pete, then you will also be asked to give details of your age, height and how active you are. This is to work out your metabolic rate. Wether you plan on losing weight or gaining weight, these bespoke plans will work perfectly for you.

One that has been submitted back, you will receive the plan back within 1-3 working days. This is because they are totally tailored for you and a lot of time needs to be spent putting it together.

Meal and Workout plans are FREE with buying bulk sessions  – View here

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