Keto Chocolate Brownies (Keto bars)

Feb 8th, 2017

Keto Chocolate Brownies (Keto bars)

This is my own recipe

Serves 16

602 Calories

26 grams of fat – 0 grams (net) carbs – 37 grams protein 

200 grams – Raw Cacao butter
60 grams – Flaxseed meal
200 grams – psyllium husk
100 grams – MCT powder
300 grams – Erythritol
100 grams – Whey isolate (I used vanilla)
600 grams – Vegan Blend Protein (myprotein) Chocolate smooth
180 grams – Raw cacao powder
100 grams – Brazil nuts (ground)
1000 grams – Vitafiber (powder)
Raw cacao butter and raw cacao powder can be replaced with non raw

Add all dry ingredients baring vitafiber and mix..
Grind up brail nuts.

Melt Cacao butter (I use microwave) and add to dry mix



1000 grams (full packet) of Vitafiber powder is to be added to large pan, keep adding small amounts of water until you get a thick gooey paste (don’t add too much). Once you have the right texture, boil until it starts bubbling up. Then add to yo to your other mix.

I use a big mixer to mix it. I then use a big dish with non stick baking paper and set in freezer for about 30 mins before cutting up.

This is a NON bake recipe. Its my own recipe. Share all you want 🙂