Myprotein Official sponsor and affiliate of Pete Gawtry Fitness

 I am proud to be be part of the PT Scheme at Myprotein. The worlds best sports nutrition company


Myprotein is not just the UK’s number 1 sports nutrition company it is the Worlds no.1 nutrition company. I am proud to be an affiliate sponsor with them and super proud that they see me as successful enough to be with them. They truly are second to non.

My diet and meal plans are super successful, most of the plans come from referrals, people that have already used or had them.

My plans are gluten free, as new research proves that gluten can hinder weight loss, not only that most people have bloating issues eating ‘certain’ carbohydrates and don’t realise what it is/was until they eat a gluten free diet.

Myprotein sell gluten free oats at super cheap prices. These are NOT rubbish oats, they are excellent quality, just inexpensive and even cheaper using my discount codes.

If you have not ordered from them before I will sign you up so you can get your first order discounted by 25%. They are already super cheap, meaning you get a fantastic deal.

Use my code when placing your order and it will automatically discount 25% for you – Code: PETER-R55

Gluten Free Rolled Oats – 5kg (yes 5KG thats a HUGE super heavy bag) – £12.99

(You can pay £7 for 500 grams from your local supermarket)

Gluten Free Instant Oats (yes like ready brek) – ONLY £10.99

I also use a lot of either Almond Butter or Peanut to hit your daily ‘Fat’ Macros as it’s super healthy and extremely nice.

Almond Butter – £12.99

Peanut Butter – £5.99

I also recommend using either Stevia or Sucralose for your sweetener of choice

Sucralose – £13.99

Myprotein also sell protein that is free from soy (or soya to my international friends). I am a big believer in not using soy as it disrupts ‘our’ hormones.

I recommend using this protein powder in your meal plans

Iso:Pro (Chocolate Smooth)

If you are already a member of Myprotein. Use this code for 8% off.