Online Personal Training Be trained ‘online’ by a champion all natural bodybuilder

Pete Gawtry Fitness app

for your smart-phone, tablet or desktop

“Access your workouts anytime, anywhere. Track your stats and watch instructional videos by Pete right on your smartphone




Diet plans / Nutrition plans / also my-fitness pal style nutrition logging (bar code scan and go) 

Fitbit integration / works with hot many steps you have done for the day

✔  Bespoke individual workout design(s) with progressions (weights, pyramids etc.) set by Pete

✔  Each workout plan is changed monthly. So you will never be stuck doing the same workout over and over

✔  So far over 800 (yes 800!!) workouts have been recorded to give you the best workout possible (all quality videos)

✔  Gym workouts, home workouts & holiday workouts. You will never be limited to just the gym again. Pete can train you anywhere in the world

✔  Scheduled  workouts or change them and schedule your own

✔  Input your workout in to the app and let Pete monitor your results

✔  Add your weight, body measurements and profile pictures (front, side & posterior). Add skinfold measurement and add size measurements

✔  If you are already training with Pete, you can use this platform to train when you are not with him. Ideal to get the best from Pete’s advanced knowledge (maintenance package)

✔  Workouts are totally tailored to you whether your goals are fat loss, strength training, bulking, cardio etc. You will get your OWN bespoke workout plan (now includes diet plan)


£50 – Basic Workout Program (Monthly)

(£50 Value – Save £10)        

  • Monthly Individual ‘Online Workout’ program design – £60


£140 – The ALL In One (Monthly)

(£210 Value – Save £70)       

  • Monthly individual ‘Online Workout’ program design – £60
  • Monthly individual ‘Meal Plan’ program design – £60
  • Health Assessment – £30
  • Bi-weekly (2) 20 minute Skype sessions – £30
  • Online Support – £30
  • Access to Exclusive Online Areas


£280 – The Crème De La Crème (Monthly)

(£390 Value – Save £110)     

  • Bi-Weekly individual ‘Online Workout’ program design – £120
  • Bi-Weekly individual ‘Meal Plan’ program design – £120
  • Full Assessment – £60
  • Weekly (4) 20 minute Skype sessions – £60
  • Online Support – £30
  • Access to Exclusive Online Areas


Payment Options