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Feb 8th


Keto Chocolate Brownies (Keto bars)

This is my own recipe Serves 16 602 Calories 26 grams of fat – 0 grams (net) carbs – 37 grams protein  200 grams – Raw Cacao butter 60 grams – Flaxseed meal 200 grams – psyllium husk 100 grams – MCT powder 300 grams – Erythritol 100 grams – Whey isolate (I used vanilla) […]

Jan 1st


Are you wanting to lose weight? New Years resolution?

  Pete Gawtry Senior Personal Trainer arrives at Kirkstall Road Are you wanting to lose weight? New Years resolution? Pete Gawtry is a weight loss expert. Formally based at the Xercise4less Leeds North (Seacroft) gym where he quickly became the busiest Personal Trainer, rising quickly within the ranks at Xercise4less. As well as being an in-demand and highly acclaimed PT, Pete is a […]

Oct 14th



First and foremost, fat oxidation (fat burning) does become elevated during periods of energy/carbohydrate restriction. This is pretty clear in the literature and is a result of decreased carbohydrate oxidation. Therefore, it does make sense that if you were to practice the above, then fat loss would be greater. But, not so fast… It would […]

Sep 26th


Gluten Free Jam Pop-Tarts

This is a recipe that I initially got from ‘the Beltsander’.  ( I changed it to a normal pop-tart made using gluten free fine oats Ingredients: 70g vitafiber (vitafibre) powder. 100g your gluten free ‘Fine’ Oats 30mls water. 2 tablespoons of Jam 35g Vitafiber (for the frosting) 40g Dextrose Instructions: Add the vitafibre powder to a large […]

Aug 24th


Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Protein (Quest) Bars

** WARNING ** These bars are incredibly moorish Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Protein (Quest) Bars When in Keto Im always craving something a bit sweeter than your average good food. Protein + Fiber .. These are actually incredibly good for you!! These bars hit the spot. Vitafiber is known for also slightly raising insulin levels, […]

Aug 4th


Keto Almond Biscuit ‘Crispy’ Bacon Sandwich

Well, I have outdone myself again… Keto Almond Biscuit ‘Crispy’ Bacon Sandwich It’s not boring being in Ketosis as long as you are willing to do some ‘BAKING’ This recipe is to make 8 LARGE Biscuits that can be used as bread. They are actually what we call scones in the UK. Ingredients 5 cups blanched […]

Jul 25th


Petes Flapjack

PROBABLY THE NICEST FLAPJACK EVER TASTED! Also known as “Daddies Flapjack“.. Stodgy, with crispy and chew bits .. I know your mouth is watering!! My own recipe that I use to carb up before competitions.. Gluten Free, Salt Free. Each piece:- Calories – 448 Calories (makes 24 pieces) Fat – 21 Grams Carbs – 56 Grams […]

Jun 16th


Keto Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keto Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS.. I want bore you with anything.. straight down to business. .. Makes 8 Cookies   1/4 cup – Almond Paste 1/4 cup – Almond Butter 1/2 cup – Erythritol  1 tsp – Stevia Crystals 1/2 tsp – Baking Powder 1 tbsp – Chocolate Chips (100% cacao […]