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Mar 26th


Keto Paleo

There are many different reasons why you might want to embark on a ketogenic lifestyle:  lose weight, control seizures, combat cancer, reduce inflammation, minimize body fat, enhance athletic performance. No matter the reason, you body will benefit the most from a well designed, therapeutic ketogenic diet! A Keto Paleo diet is a therapeutic diet, and it will bring […]

Mar 22nd


Slow cooker stew

8.5 weeks out from my first competition of the year. The ‘coveted’ NPA Yorkshire 2016 One of the best (easiest, tastiest, lower calorie) meals I can bulk (batch) cook is a stew, it is super simple, cook’s is slowly and is especially good for you. It’s great for any diet (especially for me in Keto) I […]

Mar 8th


NPA – Yorkshire 2016

The first show is upon us. 10.5 weeks out

Feb 10th


Pros and Cons of Low Carb Eating

I’m a big proponent of the rule that you have to deserve your carbs. Coach Charles R. Poliquin Determining the right macronutrient balance has long been the source of debate.   Dr. Atkins and Di Pasquale were the most vocal advocates of the low carb approach, to the great dismay of the RD who preached 16 […]

Dec 12th


Butter Up for Health!

The major health benefits of butter. In the world of nutrition, no food has been more maligned than butter. Its major sin was that it’s a fat, and even worse, a saturated fat, which means your arteries will clog just by looking at it, right? No so! First, let’s clear things up a bit. A […]

Nov 17th


Saturated Fat is Back!

A slew of recent magazine and newspaper articles is introducing laypeople to what holistically-minded healthcare practitioners have recognized for years: the advice to severely limit dietary fat in favor of starchy carbohydrates—which has been institutionalized and entrenched in government nutrition recommendations, with popular belief following in lock-step—may, in fact, be one of the primary drivers of the obesity and […]

Oct 22nd


10 Signs You Should Stop Eating Gluten Immediately

A gluten-free nutrition plan seems to be the latest eating trend. The question remains as to whether being “gluten intolerant” is a fad or if it is a real concern in our fast-food, over-processed, sugar and wheat-laden eating habits. “This is THE reason I offer my [optional] meal / diet plans as  “Gluten Free” – Gluten […]

Oct 20th


Testosterone Boosters

Train, eat and take the right supplements to keep T levels high.  For guys, testosterone’s functions can’t be overlooked if the goal is to keep your sex and gym lives healthy. The hormone plays a key role in both building lean muscle mass and maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Take a look at this compilation […]