What makes a diet work for athletes? (or for anyone!)

Jul 11th, 2017

What makes a diet work for athletes? (or for anyone!)

Whether you have performance goals or fat loss goals, your diet will greatly influence the outcome. 

As prof. Ron Maughan famously quoted;

‘A good diet won’t make average athletes elite, but a poor diet will make elite athletes average’

Your diet significantly influences training and competitive performances: what you eat and drink, how much you consume and when it is consumed can all have positive or negative effects on the result you wish to achieve. For the athlete striving to succeed at the highest level and training to the limits of what can be tolerated, this offers an avenue that cannot be ignored.

Therefore, (outlined by Alan Aragon)

Here’s the ten most important characteristics that I use with my clients to ensure that they adhere to their diet/nutrition approach for dieting success:

1) Supports physical and mental performance goals.

2) Meets the bodies demands, i.e. sufficient calories and macro/micronutrient intake.

3) Respects medical intolerances and allergies.

4) Convenient.

5) Affordable.

6) Socially acceptable.

7) Tasty and enjoyable.

8) Accounts for personal ideologies and values.

9) No unnecessary bro science which eliminates food groups.

10) Flexible, balanced and resulting in the approach being sustainable long-term.

Apply these ten points to your own nutrition approach and you’ll notice drastic improvements in how you feel, look and perform.

used with permission by Chris Lowe