About Pete Gawtry


Pete winning NPA Yorkshire Champions in 2016

Pete Gawtry is successful personal trainer based in the superb northern City of Leeds. 

“Known” for his ability to help anybody and everybody lose weight and tone up.

His knowledge of fitness and health are second to none. Keeping on top of the latest diets, science and nutrition is what makes him way up there as one of the best in his field. Way ahead of the curve.

He was one of the biggest rising stars at the flagship Xercise4less in Leeds, amassing over 40 active clients in 3 months and was the most in demand PT at the Seacroft super gym. Pete now resides at a much more luxurious private gym called ‘The Edge’ at Leeds North.

Pete is an all natural (drug and polygraph tested) body-building champion athlete. Winning titles such Yorkshire Champion, Midlands Champion and North East Champion.

Now also helping many people feel brilliant and look great with his online training and meal plans.