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Pete Gawtry Fitness – Menopause Guide
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Menopause Guide

This guide is designed for midlife women going through menopause

It covers a comprehensive range of topics and resources for a holistic understanding and management of midlife


1. Understanding Menopause
2. Symptoms and Diagnosis
3. Treatment Options
4. Lifestyle Management
5. Understanding Menopause; Nutrition
6. Moving in Midlife
7. Strength Training
8. Pelvic Floor : Midlife : Stay Ahead
9. Additional Resources

Pete Gawtry Fitness – Guide to Calories
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Guide to Calories


The intention of this guide is to give you many of the tools required to increase awareness of calories, your caloric intake and how you would go about manipulating both the quality and quantity of them to fit with your own personal goals.

What we know right now from the simple fact you’ve picked up this guide is that your current habits and behaviours surrounding food don’t align with the physical outcome you desire.

That goal could be centered around improvements to your physical composition, changes to your physical and cognitive performance or perhaps a combination of both.

The quality and quantity of energy you consume on a daily basis therefore becomes critical and by giving you a deeper understanding and clarity surrounding that source of fuel is a large step in the right direction.

We hope you enjoy.

Pete Gawtry Personal Trainer

Pete Gawtry Fitness – MyFitnessPal Guide
Pete Gawtry Fitness – MyFitnessPal Guide

The Pete Gawtry Fitness – MyFitnessPal guide!


The MFP application helps you track nutrition and exercise very simply. It also enables
you to calculate the number of calories you consume and use daily to understand your overall caloric goals.

Tracking your nutrition doesn’t just help you with counting calories; it becomes a way to find foods you frequently eat, gaining insight into the energy levels of these foods you often consume.

This guide will assist you in setting up and understanding the application, enabling you to get the most out of your food tracking experience.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, improve your peak performance or support your unique health needs.


Pete Gawtry Fitness – Guide to Hand Portioning
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Guide to Hand Portioning

It is almost impossible to be unaware of trends in diets that come up as we are surrounded by social media, news and celebrities promoting new ideas and it leads to a lot of dietary confusion.

This leads to people trying unrealistic methods and continuing to struggle with their bodies and relationship with food. Repeated unsustainable efforts create a lack of trust in peoples confidence with their bodies and we end up with so much information we just don’t know who to trust.

The method of hand portioning combined with intuitive eating promotes flexible, sustainable nourishment that uses rational thought and instinct.
It is not a method to just ‘eat whatever you want’ but to work with your brain and eat in a way that satisfies, nourishes and satiates.

No matter how experienced a person is to refining nutrition for their goals, hand portions work, fact.

The goal of your nutrition is to create a sustainable pattern of dietary behaviours that culminate in a manner of eating that aligns with your physical goals.

The intention isn’t to force unpalatable foods down your neck to achieve a short-lived physiological outcome but to re-address your eating behaviours and habits, ending up with a perpetual way of eating that both achieves and maintains your results.

Pete Gawtry Personal Trainer

Pete Gawtry Fitness – Cooking Skills
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Cooking Skills

Have you ever gotten
halfway through cooking a meal only to
realise that you don’t know how long it takes to
roast a potato? By the time you’ve done a Google search
and scrolled to the crucial information you need, the chicken has burnt, the side salad has gone soggy, and you’re left wondering why you even bother.

We’ve all been there. Everyone is a basic cook at one point in their life, and it’s a steep learning curve. But you need to keep at it. Once you’ve mastered the basics of roasting, boiling, scrambling and steaming, you can cook anything.

Understanding the basic principles of cooking is essential to anyone who wants to prioritise their health. Yes, the food you get in restaurants and takeaway shops is delicious but more often than not it’s because they pack the meals with obscene amounts of oil, fat, salt and sugar.

Knowing how to cook for yourself will improve your life in so many ways. Once you’ve learnt how to make pasta sauce from scratch, you’ll never pay for a salty, sugary, additive filled supermarket bottle again. You can make an enormous batch of fresh Napoli and enjoy it over and over again.

Once you’ve mastered cooking a tender chicken breast with just a few simple herbs and spices and a side salad with a homemade dressing, you’ll wonder why you ever spent so much money and calories on
dirty old Nando’s.

Pete Gawtry Fitness – Welcome Pack
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Welcome Pack

Welcome to
my health and fitness recipe book. Inside you will find lots of inspiring healthy, macro friendly meals all skilfully put together.

Pete Gawtry Personal Trainer

Pete Gawtry Fitness – Eating Out Guide
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Eating Out Guide

Best choices to eat when you are out!

Pete Gawtry Fitness – Keto Book
Pete Gawtry Fitness – Keto Book

My keto book. I had these printed. I have decided to give away the PDF for free.

Feel free to use it and distribute it. Pete 

Experiments with Intermittent Fasting
Experiments with Intermittent Fasting

A fantastic book on the science behind ‘Intermittent Fasting’.