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    positive review  Pete has a wealth of experience and expertise in diet plans, exercise programs and general fitness advice.

    Jonathan Silvester Avatar Jonathan Silvester

    positive review  This man is amazing! I’m difficult at the best of times but I have achieved more than I ever imagined and still going strong. He’s so patient and always there when you need advice. 100% recommend!

    Beth Robson Avatar Beth Robson

    5 star review  I first came into contact with Pete back in January 2018 on a post he did on the over 40s bodybuilding group and I was looking for someone who could help me with diet advice to start the year for a two month diet plan to see if I could get to a point to decide if I wanted to compete in July 2018. After the contact and prices agreed Pete took all my information about food preferences and stats and ask my goals. Very quickly and very professionally a plan was returned breaking down foods for all meals broken down and weight/ amount giving me my perfect diet but more importantly macro balance. Through out the two months Pete was always there to help and guide me and I can’t thank him enough for the end results and putting me on the right track for my show in July and was the best money I have ever spent and now I have the diet to use again and again so was a fantastic investment. We all think we know how to put on muscle and lose fat but listen to the wrong advise for years- I will never return to my old ways of eating now this masters champion has put me on the right route. Thanks so much Pete for all your advise help and guidance for which was all done remotely. Kind Regards Martin Cox

    Martin Cox Avatar Martin Cox

    5 star review  Cant find the 6 star button so 5 will have to do. Great sessions with Pete and seeing some amazing results. I feel better not only physically but mentally too. Cheers Pete top marks.

    Lucy Elizabeth Towell Avatar Lucy Elizabeth Towell

    5 star review  Pete has been an excellent personal trainer and someone who always motivates you even when you are not feeling particularly motivated! I have found him knowledgeable and he definitely pushes you to try your best. A great personal trainer to train with �

    Arpita Debroy Kidambi Avatar Arpita Debroy Kidambi

    5 star review  I've been training with Pete on and off for about 3 years with the aim of bulking up and adding some lean muscle. I've always found it hard to put on any sort of size, even though i can eat whatever i want. Pete has done me a bespoke training and diet plan, and since i have knuckled down and started training regular, i have added a stone in lean muscle. This guy is the real deal, knows his food inside out, exactly what to eat and when, and also how to train. He always comes up with new exercises to keep the muscles guessing, and he pushes you further than you thought possible. If you are serious about getting in shape, give this guy a call! 😉

    Jez Jeremiah Jeromio Avatar Jez Jeremiah Jeromio

    5 star review  Knowledgeable, inspirational, positive, informative. A few words to describe Pete!. He gave me the motivation I needed. Just wish my annoying injury would go away so I can return !!.

    Richard Littlewood Avatar Richard Littlewood

    5 star review  Having gone to the gym for over 10 years, I have been training with Pete for about a year. My gains have been incredible! His knowledge about everything fitness related is amazing. You get so much more than just a workout- his knowledge about diet, supplements, injury recovery and healthy living is huge! My progress has been so great over the past year- thanks Pete!

    Ananth Kidambi Avatar Ananth Kidambi

    5 star review  I first contacted Pete earlier on this year and it was one of the best things I could have done! There's no messing about with Pete and he will get the job done! I've lost 2 and a half stone so far half a stone away from my target. If you want to train and have a laugh this is the one. "Calorie burning machine...petes a nice guy" moto I now go by when I'm aching for days! 💪

    Sarah Lambert Avatar Sarah Lambert

    5 star review  Words can not describe the professionalism and Superb results pete achieves.

    Andy Hinks Avatar Andy Hinks

    5 star review  I’ve been training with Pete for almost a year. He has a great knowledge of diet and nutrition and has helped me loose 31lb through structured diet plans (you can still eat really well!) and weight training. I’ve loved the weight training, seeing a difference in body shape is so motivating. The training sessions are great fun, hard work and help keep me on track, he provides lots of other support too via his personalised App, which lots of other PTs don’t. If you are thinking of using a Personal Trainer, I recommend you get in touch with him he’s a great PT!

    Sally McGuire Avatar Sally McGuire

    5 star review  I got in touch with Pete for some help and direction in losing weight and improving my fitness and over the year we've been working together both aims have certainly been achieved! Pete's sessions are always different, fun and engaging and provide a great amount of education, be it dietary advice or weight lifting technique! Comes highly recommended

    Elliot Shiers Avatar Elliot Shiers

    5 star review  Pete is an excellent trainer I’m a very anxious person hated the thought of going to the gym on my own but he was fab made me feel at ease he goes above and beyond to help anyway he can he doesn’t just take your money and train you for an hour he actually cares too I would and have highly recommended this guy 👍🏽

    Leanne O'Driscoll Avatar Leanne O'Driscoll

    5 star review  Solid PT, knows his stuff. Would highly recommend!

    Jeffrey Jeffers Fisher Avatar Jeffrey Jeffers Fisher

    5 star review  I trained with Pete for the majority of this year. From the first contact with Pete, he was very willing to work with me and help me achieve what I wanted. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really like going to the gym, but Pete’s PT sessions are always fun, and a good laugh (as well as hard work and a few choice words when he pushes me to my limits). Training with Pete is like training with a mate and it’s great! He is always giving me extra advice and always on hand if I message him for any reason at all. Since training with Pete, I have both lost weight and toned up, and would not hesitate to recommend Pete at all!

    Chris Grant Avatar Chris Grant

    5 star review  I have trained for many years now – British Military Fitness and regular gym sessions but around three years ago my circumstances changed. A knee injury that resulted in 3 rounds of surgery and it’s still not right. In addition, my body started saying ‘no’ to something and I had no idea what was going on: severe bloating, abdominal pain and huge water retention. Pete and his lovely partner’s children attend my Nursery. After a lengthy discussion with both of them, I was persuaded to start training sessions with Pete. I was apprehensive and ludicrously nervous about my first session but now really look forward to them. Pete’s knowledge of food intolerances and what actually goes on in your insides is actually incredible. Besides that his ability to motivate and push you is inspirational. I cannot recommend Pete highly enough. It’s life-changing.

    Nancy M P Kotecha Avatar Nancy M P Kotecha

    5 star review  If you want a PT this is the guy ! Pushing you to the limit each time you have a session ,also helped loads with nutrition getting diet right ,would definitely recommend pete Gawtry ����

    Josh Rollinson Avatar Josh Rollinson

    5 star review  Pete in my opinion is highly dedicated to his craft, with a need to both motivate and inspire. I'd have him as my trainer any day - with his years of experience in the fields of personal training & bodybuilding. He also gave me some fantastic advice when needed in regards to fitness instructing and putting programs together and for that I'm humbly greatful! A great friend aswell.. If you need someone who knows what they're talking about - Pete's your man!

    Chrissi Batter Avatar Chrissi Batter

    5 star review  Would definitely recommend Pete he really knows his stuff and makes training super fun! Loved training with him and will defo use him again in the future ... we’ll done Pete ���

    Beki Hall Avatar Beki Hall