Amy Sutherland

My name is Amy Sutherland and I started working with Pete in March 2016. I was in a bit of a bad place emotionally, career wise and in particular my relationship with food. I was one of those people (one of many!) who didnt like the way I looked so tried to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time, resulting in eventual (and inevitable!) failure in the form of over eating and going right back to the way I was. I knew in my head that this “all or nothing” way of thinking in my relationship with food was contributing to my unhappiness; and so I decided to seek outside help in an attempt to gain a better relationship (and understanding) of food and nutrition.
I am very lucky to have met such a positive and knowledgeable person when it comes to food. He got me back on track whenever I was in a tricky spot, and more importantly allowed me to be as honest as possible about my personal issues and eating habits- something i have never come across before.
Pete helped me realise that all of my irregular habits of the past were normal- and that I too was normal- something I have always had trouble believing!
Having come to terms with this, I have been able to trust myself more around food and body issues. I have lost nearly 2 stone in the past 4-5 months through hard work and dedication to Pete’s diet and workout plans, and could not be happier with my current weight. I am now confident that I can maintain this weight with the help of Pete Gawtry the NPA over 40s masters champion!