After working abroad for a while and stacking up the weight I knew enough was enough and made the decision to get myself a PT. One of the staff at X4L recommended Pete to me; “Pete really knows his stuff, he’s one of the best” I was told. Slightly dubious it was just a big sales pitch to sign me up I decided to get in touch with Pete to arrange an initial meeting to see what he had to say.
Straight from the start I knew Pete was going to get big results. His knowledge was unquestionable, everything I asked he knew the answer or gave me some pointers. I decided to go for the 3x a week option, despite feeling a bit concerned I was going to end up throwing my money away and hating it after the first few sessions. How wrong was I!?
I’ve never been a huge fan of the gym, throwing myself onto a treadmill or bike blindly trying to achieve something was the norm, moving from gym to gym thinking I was going to get myself better results. Pete came up with a diet plan, tailored to my tastes and preferences, even before our first session the weight started to shift. As the weeks went on I realised for the first time ever I WANTED to go to the gym, I was actually enjoying going, it was definitely not a chore.
Three months later and I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time (ever?). Healthy, energetic, getting through days without struggling to keep my eyes open. Three stone lighter and now in a routine with my workouts. Unfortunately, I moved away from Leeds so wasn’t able to continue beyond our initial 12-week plan however I now have the confidence to go to the gym knowing what I’m doing and how to continue achieving the results. I’d recommend everyone to take Pete up as their PT. Even just for 1 session, after that you’ll know you want to book into more of a commitment with him. To top it off and to echo what everyone else says, he’s a great guy. In between sets you’ll get a laugh out of him and throughout your workout but still manages to push you to your limits, and then some.
Thanks for everything Pete.