My name is Lucy Franco and I started training with Pete in May 2016. Prior to this I had really struggled with my weight, I’d tried to lose weight before by attending weight watchers but my weight continued to fluctuate. When I met Pete I was at my heaviest, my clothes felt tight and trousers always left a “red mark of shame” where my waist was. I ended up wearing linen trousers with elasticated waists as nothing else fitted. I was embarrassed, ashamed and believed I was a lost cause. Pete instantly put me at ease, he made me feel I confident that I could lose weight , his confidence, positivity and knowledge ( about exercise, nutrition and the science behind it all) are amazing. He is so helpful and pushes me to limits I never thought I could achieve, I never thought I could lose any weight..I have lost 19lbs!! I can now wear trousers with zips, buttons and my tops fit better. Pete had belief in me and now I believe it too. The best thing I have ever done was to start training with Pete, I can’t recommend him enough. He can and does make a difference.