Lose Weight, Feel Good, Increase Willpower and my Wim Hof Method!



In case you are not aware yet, the human body stores 2 types of Fat: White and Brown fat. Brown fat is referred to as the “good” fat because it generates heat to keep the body warm when in a cold environment. Therefore cold showers help you get rid of some fat by stimulating the burning of brown fat in your body. 


More blood is being sent to your organs to keep them warm when taking cold showers. The circulatory system is being stimulated on a larger scale, helping with the health of your cardiovascular system as well.


It is well known that the professional athletes take icy bath or cold showers for proper muscle recovery. Couple of studies have been done over the years explaining the benefits of putting your body in such a cold environment after working out. The increase blood flow in muscles and the decrease development on inflammation (due to muscle tissue break down which happens during resistance and weight training) are the some of the amazing benefits athletes can receive from taking cold showers.

Other benefits of cold showers:-



Willpower and self-control are very important factors for a successful and happy life. In the modern world, many people are used to follow everyday routines and patterns. You could say modern day people have developed a habitual brain. Have we slowly lost our willpower? The amount of willpower is different for every person, but everybody has some willpower. We are trying really hard to look good, lose weight, get educated, etc. Most people are trying to become the best version of themselves. But if you really want to become a better version of yourself, then increasing willpower is one of the most essential things to do.

People with low willpower tend to make poor choices in life, because they give in to short-term goals at the expense of longer-term goals. People with more willpower are happier, healthier, more satisfied in relationships, have better careers and can cope with stress, conflicts and adversities more easily. So increasing your willpower will bring you a lot of benefits. Stop hesitating and take control of your body and mind!

Willpower, self-control and commitment are very important parts of the Wim Hof Method, because conscious breathing and cold therapy require patience and dedication

I personally do it this way, but there are many ways doing the Wim Hof Method. I would

Have a hot shower! Make sure you have been under a good few minutes on as hot as you can handle!

Turn shower to as cold as it can go!, the colder the better! Step away from being under the shower [before its cold!].

The technique involves taking approximately 30-40 quick deepish breaths.

Then jump under the cold shower, fully immersing yourself and your head under the VERY COLD shower.

Once you have stopped breathing quickly from the cold!

Exhale, [Whilst staying under the cold shower!] and keep your lungs empty as long possible! for me its usually 60 to 80 seconds!

Do what you can and build it up daily.

Holding breathe on an exhale is much harder!


Repeat if you want to OWN THE DAY!

Pete Gawtry

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